E-mail Template Referencing multiple e-mails for same customer

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I have two tables. One with Tasks in which each row (task) contains a single customer company in a column. The second table contains a list of the customer companies with name address e-mail phone etc. Each row contains a single contact person but each company may appear on one row or multiple rows depending on the number of people associated with each company.

I need my e-mail template to generate a report in column format of the Tasks sorted by company and separate report emailed to each company respectively. The report needs to be e-mailed to all people associated with each company.

I have trained myself how to use AppSheet with great success so far, but this expression I am finding hard to extrapolate from the examples given in the help as well as the community.

Also since workflows are no longer allowed, it is harder for a beginner since the documentation is not based on bots (not even an allowable topic in this question subject list.

Thank you all for the documentation given so far. Very exciting to learn this platform from somebody who last learned code with Fortran 90.


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