Easily add logo to CRM

Newbie here… really having fun building :slight_smile:
I am creating a custom CRM for my business. The app will be used by my wife and I only. She is waaaaay more visual than I am so I want to make it pretty, and also very useful (she isn’t too tech savvy).

When adding a new organization, is there a super easy/quick way to add the logo? Is there a trick to maybe pull the logo from the website address?

Any other tips/suggestions would be apprecaited! Thanks all!

Hello @Erik_E_Pye, welcome to the community !

What do you mean exactly with organization ?

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Apologies. that is pretty “me” specific isn’t it :slight_smile:
Currently have two tables in the app. 1) Individuals (person) and 2) Organizations(Company)
(an organization can have many individuals).

I’d like to add a logo to the “Organizations” table

Does that help?

Yes, it does !

Take a look at these:

When adding images i normally create an “Image” column and manually upload those when i’m adding a new record for a site or a company, it’s really simple and quick.


Sweet. Thanks Rafael. I will check these out!