Edit a Row from a Form

I created a form and just allow me to add new rows. The table has a two columns cocatenated key [Event Date] & [Site] . So when i select one value of the columns (25/07/2021 and Mokambo Bar), that was a previously added record row, the form does not display other columns data for Edition. And when you try to save, a message pops There is already a row with the key 25/07/2021 Mokambo Bar.

My question is why the form does not show the record previously added and allow to edit other column data.

Hi @yastaaa
If you want to edit the data as well as add then you need to allow Updates on your table.

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Thanks but Updates are allowed in the Table. So that is not the solution.

Because that’s not how AppSheet works. If you want your app to work that way, you need to build it to do that.

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Ok. Thanks. So the answer is that forms in appsheet are for new records (rows) and you cannot move to other records (rows) for editing (updates) with a form. I can only edit with Quick Edit Columns in another Type of View. :pensive: :worried:?

Forms are for editing rows, whether new or existing. To edit an existing row, the existing row’s key column value must be known before the form is opened.

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So appsheet is for programmers, because simple things that should be pre-programmed in the environment, seem that are not and the turnarounds many times don’t work.

In Microsoft Access that is 25 years old you can move in a form from record to record and edit the record without any problem. Also if you select the key it displays the record data for editing.

Perhaps you should be using Access, then?

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