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Hey all,
Is it possible to edit the date/time in a timestamp column? It does not seem that way. Is there any other way to set a date based on a value change in another column, but that the date can also be edited? Without using an action to change the value.

I’m trying to image a situation in which on might want to do this. Depending on what you are trying to do, I would think that it might be possible to either use a virtual column to do it or, if you need to write to the sheet, to make one more column that you write to with and action – though I know you want to avoid using an action. :wink:

Maybe someone else will be able to provide a good answer. If you don’t get one soon, though, perhaps it would help if you could explain the reason why you need to change the value.

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Hey Kirk,
Thanks for feedback. So you confirm that it is not possible to edit a timestamp column?

I know that you can’t put an expression in such a column. I haven’t tried overwriting one with an action though.

@Hyman_van_Zyl Would you please open your case a little deeper, thanks.

Hallo Aleksi,
So I made a change timestamp column called Date Done linked to the “tasks done” column if value are set to done. So when I change the value of the task done column to “Done” a timestamp are created in the Date Done column. But now I find that it is needed to sometimes change the date that the task was set to Done. I see you can set the Date Done column properties that it could be edited but it does not seem to be editable. It behaves more like a virtual column.
Is this the case that a change timestamp column cannot be edited?

Yes that’s true… you are not able to modify this ChangeTimestamp field.

Ok thanks, just wanted to make sure about that. Will have to use actiona then.

Try this for Date Done:

  1. Change the column type to DateTime.

  2. Set Initial value to:

        ("Done" = [tasks done])
        ("Done" <> LOOKUP([_THISROW].[row-key], "MyTable", "row-key", "tasks done")),
      [Date Done]

    replacing MyTable with the table’s name and row-key with the name of the table’s key column.

  3. Set Reset on edit? to ("Done" = [tasks done]).

Thanks Steve, will try it

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