Edit All Column Attributes as One Big Table?

Hey all!

Loving AppSheet but there’s a quality of life feature I think would be cool someday. I’d love the ability to edit the attributes of columns (ShowIf, EditableIf, Column Type, Initial Value, etc) as one big table/spreadsheet.

I would love to be able to copy and paste expressions across multiple columns without clicking into the single column options, then into the expression editor, then back out, back out, into the next one.

Barring that, the ability to export a column list as a template (that has all the expressions and toggle values in it), edit in my own spreadsheet editor, and then reupload.

It’s just on my mind because I’m working on a table that is going to end up with about 40 fields and many will have similar ShowIf expressions I wish I could copy/paste. (I think this is similar to the Column Template request from Dec 19 maybe)

Anyway, just one for your back pocket if you’re looking for new features! Love the app either way!