Edit and update one column

Hi Team,
how can i update only one column of a row using an action?
ex: I want add one solution description before to close an incident?


Might need a bit more details on what you have and what you are trying to do. Attaching images help A LOT to clarify your intentions.

For now, I’ll presume you have an action button that you want to tap/click on that then allows a user to enter some final text (i.e. the “solution description”) and also marks the incident as closed.

To do this you would simply create a slice with ONLY the fields needed to perform the “solution description” update. Then create a FORM view that uses the new slice. Update your action to “navigate to a target” using the LINKTOFORM() function.

This is very high level solution so please ask what details you need help with.

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Thks John,
I’m working in this direction (linktoform) but this option is creating a new _rownumber, and I want to modify a column of current _rownumer.

Hi @J_jvs
Have you tried LINKTOROW or Quick edit ?

Hi Lynn,
quick edit? how?


Thks Lynn,
it’s ok, an option.
but i want to be cleaner.
I need to use an action button to open this column and modify it.

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Appologize for the confusion.

@Lynn is correct. I should have specified LINKTOROW() instead. All the other info is still correct.

The Target expression in your Action would be something like:


Because is already attached to some row for display, it knows which row to send. The “New View” uses the Slice so it knows which column(s) to display. When you send a row to a FORM view in this manner, AppSheet knows to open the FORM for editing rather than as a new row.

If you still need more details, let us know.


this solution is running.