Edit app interface becomes really slow My ap...

(Pim Sauter) #1

Edit app interface becomes really slow

My app is connected to multiple (around 10) tables and has around 50 app users in the whitelist. The edit app interface has become really slow, to a point where I cannot really use it anymore. What is causing it to be slow, is it the number of tables/users/formulas?

Any idea what I can do to make it run smooth again?

(Pim Sauter) #2

@praveen would it improve if I have 5 tables with 20 fields versus 1 table with 100 fields?

(Sarah Gould [AppSheet]) #3

What’s your user ID number?

(Grant Stead) #4

grantstead@steadglobal.com (GOOGLE) Account ID: 297211 appName=EcolCork-297211

I’m on Chrome, and it’s up to date… Really most all of my apps are very slow in the editor, I have started to believe this is just normal… :confused:

(Sarah Gould [AppSheet]) #5

Grant - it takes maybe half a second at most to open views in your app for me, so it might be something going on with your browser or computer. Can you try the troubleshooting steps I mentioned above?

(Grant Stead) #6

@Sarah_Gould_AppSheet Whoa! I disabled all of my extensions, and it’s all awesomey now! Now I need to figure out the culprit!

I did F12 and I found this though… Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (/offsite/notFound.jsp) https://a20098.actonservice.com/cdnr/cid2/acton/bn/tracker/20098

(Sarah Gould [AppSheet]) #7

Great! The error looks like it might be from one of your extensions, I don’t think that url if from any service we use.

(Pim Sauter) #8

Account ID: 486024

(Pim Sauter) #9

Turning off extensions definitely helps, thanks @Sarah_Gould_AppSheet

(Grant Stead) #10

@Pim_Sauter crazy right! Like what!?

(Sarah Gould [AppSheet]) #11

You can try turning the extensions on one-by-one to see which extension is causing the slow-down.

Some extensions run scripts on the pages you’re looking at, which could interfere with our own scripts - but this is certainly not always the case. I have several privacy- and security-related extensions, but they don’t seem to slow down AppSheet.

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #12

Hi @Pim_Sauter, Just in case you have not referred this recent informative post on app performance by

@praveen. Please take a look

plus.google.com - Improving App Performance This year, we’re increasing our focus on tools to … Improving App Performance This year, we’re increasing our focus on tools to … plus.google.com

(Pim Sauter) #13

Thanks @Suvrutt_Gurjar, I am reading it now.

@praveen this is mainly about end user experience, if I understand correctly.

Is there any similar documentation on app editor experience? This is becoming really slow for me; the interface becomes laggy and clicking buttons becomes very slow to near impossible.

(Pim Sauter) #14

Yep, and it definitely has to do with the size of the app; small apps are fast to edit, apps with big tables are unmanageable.

(Grant Stead) #15

My tables are small, but I have like 20 tables all referenced… One of them is a user table so it’s referenced to almost every table… That’s when my app editor gets slow…

(Pim Sauter) #16

Just tested on another machine which is really fast (2016 macbook with 16gb ram) and had the same problem there.

(Pim Sauter) #17

In my experience, the app editor gets slower if the app gets more complex, which can be:

  • More fields in a table - More tables - More table refs

I have not been able to find out what is ‘the worst’

(Aleksi Alkio) #18

We will investigate the possible reason for this behavior. Grant… what browser are you using? What version?

(Pim Sauter) #19

Thanks @Aleksi_Alkio! Let me know if I can be of any help here, or if you need more info.

(Aleksi Alkio) #20

Guys… what source are you using and what browser version, thanks