Edit button disappeared from form detail in dashboard

Apologies for newbie question.
I seem to have lost ability to edit a detail form. The dashboard is set to ‘tabs in mobie view’ and ‘interactive mode’, however, when I look at the detail tab (far right), there is no ‘Edit’ button, so I can’t update data. The table has update|adds|delete privileges.
If I disable ‘interactive mode’, I get the ‘Edit’ button back, but display looks ugly and I don’t see the ‘related hours’ data.
I have another dashboard which looks at same detail form that also has Edit button missing.
Have I set something wrong, or is this some kind of Appsheet behaviour?

Hi @Stuart_Uren,

Think you might need to enable the overlay actions within your app’s options.


thanks @Chris_Jeal - that has done it!
Much appreciated.


Didn’t work for me & I have the same problem.
Can you suggest something else?