Edit button not working on Interactive Dashboard

Hello guys,

I need your help figuring out why some of my inline actions stopped working in all my interactive dashboards (They used to go directly to the forms and now they don’t do anything).

For example:

  1. I have this gallery view which I used to edit if I wanted to change the name or any other field… Now it doesn’t do anything.

The funny thing is that even though my edit button does not work, the “delete” option does and all my overlay buttons work as well.


Any ideas?

I appreciate any help in advance.

This looks like a bug that was reported some days ago, specifically for Edit actions within Card within dhasboards. Here’s at least one thread on the issues. I’m not sure of the status of this bug, but maybe try searching this forum yourself.

EDIT: ahhh, here we go, this is a better thread of the issue.


Thank you very much!

At least I know it’s not me lol… I’ll be following that thread and see what happens.

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