Edit placeholder text when using nested forms...

(Viktor) #1

Edit placeholder text when using nested forms:


So if you have a table (Table #1) that is pointing to another table (Table #2) where “isAPartOf” is set to true, and you have a form for Table #2, a button will appear in this form, allowing you to have a nested form. Above this button that says “New”, it says: "

entries that reference this entry in the column" Here
and is replaced by the relevant data.

How do I change this text? I saw it in an AppSheet video about nested forms, but unfortunately it was not showed how to change it.

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(Aleksi Alkio) #2

You can change the text from column’s “Description”. You can find it from the column’s definition.

(Viktor) #3

@Aleksi_Alkio Worked like a charm. Thank you!