Edit Ref Field after form save

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This community support is truly a lifesaver…When I truly have a client, then I know the real challenge.

Here is the scenario. I have table A which has a ref field to another table B. Client want to create a record and save (as draft). Because there are many users and it just happened, one of the users picked the wrong ref field and wants to make ammend after save. Now (as far as I know) as soon as you save the record, by default this ref field cannot be ammended anymore. How can we give a functionality to edit the ref field?

Here is a screenshot:

As you can see Equpment Tag is greyed out and cant be edited anymore.

Its maybe easily done but I’m a bit blank at the moment.

Maybe i could use reset on edit…but you don’t make mistake most of the time…so its not proper

That is not correct.

Did you make [Equipment Tag] the key column for the table by chance?

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No equipment Tag is not the key column…The key column is a virtual column using a concatenation of [Equipment Description],and [Date Time Raised]…These 2 column is a deref (is that term correct?) to the other table…[Equipment Tag].[Equipment Description]

Any column used by a computed key column also cannot change once saved.

if i use “look up” instead of deref formula it should work i think

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That means if you change [Equipment Tag], then your key column value will also change. Key columns are not editable once created, so Appsheet has automatically made any precedent columns non-editable to prevent this. You’ll also find that [Date Time Raised] is also not-editable.

I’d recommend assigning a UNIQUEID() value to a real column to be your key. The current VC that you’re using as your key can then be changed to just be the Label column.

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I need these two columns as key because i want the file attachments and images to be named after 1 of these two columns…only [Date Time Raised] i can change to UniqueID() as window explorer will have date also.I continue and update you guys tomorrow…its 1 am here…Thanks bros!

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Ahh, gotcha.
Well unfortunately I think you’ll have to pick which one is more important; file names, or the ability to edit [Equipment Tag].

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