Edit row with simple scan, is possible?

Hi, first, sorry for my english
how can i change data with barcode scanner?
I explain my case.
(app is in still in project)
My main client is a car rental company and my mission is clean, transfer, fill the tank, check inspection, etc.
to create a line in job table we scan the car key (barcode each car to identify the car). This process is very fast. Single scan with auto reopen form add a row in job table and write de status of car in “in custody”
for now, when i return the car key to my customer i have an action to change status of car to “delivered” selecting the cars which are ready to delivered and click buttom,
My question is ,
is possible change this status using the same way as entry form? mean, single scan with auto reopen?

Selecting from a list can induce mistakes (many cars with similar licence plates). if i can return the cars to my customer with single scan will be great!


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This is pretty much interesting topics to test IF Appsheet can accommodate your requirement with scanning + available features. Actually thank you for asking and raising topics here in the community.

I tested my thought to see if it works with a simple app.

Quick answer is … YES !

Actually Appsheet did it, which made me amazed.

Let me explain. I created a table, which works just for scanning purposes. Once scanner obtains the value, in your case, ID for each individual car through the bar code, then it passes that value to the next process within Appsheet.

Apart from that, I set up 2 actions.

When the appsheet scan (in my sample app, I use QR code), it will toggle the status. On my sample, I created table for USER with status Active or Inactive. Once you scan, then actions will toggle this value, Active to Inactive, or Inactive to Active vice varsa.

Here is sample app where you can see how I actually achieved.


On your case, you have table for all distinct “Car”, then you store data to master table with status, if each car is actually On or Off, for instance.

Then you create scanning table, which will pass the value to the actions, then Appsheet will look after to toggle value, on or off.

We are able to extend the function, capability of this process, i.e. scan value for something and change the value within app, by adding some other tricks. I will use this trick for my future apps to put smile on my clients faces.


I’ll work with this idea!.
I was editing your sample app and works good with my barcodes, but i have a problem:
car ID is not the barcode.
I solved it deleting the scanner column and keep only one column (key and label) in scanner table, and adding an action to delete the row after write avoiding duplicates .
In my case car ID is a system generated uniqueid() and label is a dynamic virtual column
matricula=lisence plate
bastidor= VIN
All this column are unique values but i start to work with cars from VIN (unique data i know when i received the car from factory), then Plate and finally MVA when my customer assing a barcode when the car is ready to rent. When the car is “on fleet” allways i use the barcode but i can’t use it as ID.

I’ll keep working on your idea creating a dumb table for scanner
Thanks again

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Yes, my sample app is just sample, prepared to explain the basic tricks.
Please change to fit to your case, and you can add any features to it.

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