Edit the details and save it in another table

Im newbie and need to know How to EDIT THE DETALS AND SAVE IT IN ANOTHER TABLE. Also I want to know if I can apply this action on (read only) table cause I want the customer to see the Details then click a button to write the quantity he want and save the order.
I dont know if my explanation is clear , waiting your support .

Hi @K_J! Welcome to the community!

Perhaps it would be a good idea to divide your question into smaller parts. First of all, I take it that you are able to edit the details of records in one table. Would you like for those changes to be written to another table automatically after the editing? I think that’s possible. It might also be possible to read the information into the other table as necessary.

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You cannot do this directly. Instead you have to either:

  1. Edit the details, then copy the new value to another table.


  2. Copy the details to another table and edit the copy.

(Would you like for those changes to be written to another table automatically after the editing?)YES this is what I need but I dont want to have any change in the orginal table .

actually I tried it but it save also the changes in the original table as new line in this case my customers will think there is additional Qty of this product in the stock (original table).

In this case, I think you would probably need a Workflow rule.

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please me an example how to do that

This may help get you started:


Please how can I do that, cause if I edit and save then it will be saved the change in same table which I dont want to have any change on it.

Then try the second option I gave, instead.

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the second option is possible but it will confuse the customers cause they should move to another table and looking for the transfered row then edit and save ,but if each customer has many salesmen so imagin how confused they will be…
I think we need an action like copy to another table and edit there.

Eu também preciso de uma ação para copiar para outra tabela e editar lá. Se você conseguiu fazer isso me avise.