Editable bug?

If my data is not editable should the initial value change if I update another field that would change the initial value? So I have a form that auto fills the initial value with the old values to update a row. So if mondayO and mondayC are 1am and 11pm those would fill in. If I change a TimeOfWeek field, the mondayO and mondayC are made not editable. When I click my 24_Hour column to true it should change the initial value to 00:00 and 23:59 for all the fields. I don’t want it to change the non editable fields. Is this a bug or do I need to re-write all my initial value formulas to take the time of week field into account

I’m not really following all of that. But is Editable turned off, or is the expression set to FALSE? Are you using some resetOnEdit expressions? Are you talking about editing an existing record, or is this all in the Form for a new record?

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Ya it is pretty bad. It’s an expression that is [TimeofWeek]<>“Weekday” for monday-friday fields. not using a reset on edit expression. Form for a new record.
Here’s a gif that I made of it. Basically I want the old times to stay if I have time of week=weekend and I click 24hrs.

[24_Hour], “00:00”,
true,ANY(SELECT(Store_Cluster_Updates[SundayO], [Cluster_Key]=[_thisrow].[Cluster_Key])))

This is the initial value expression^

Well to answer the main question; no, this is not a bug.

As you’re still in the new record form, Initial Value is going to keep evaluating until you either save, or you override that column by user input. Being made un-editable does not stop the expression from evaluating. Maybe it would if editable was simple turned off, via the checkbox, not a FALSE-returning expression. Steve had a good description of this fairly recently, let me try and find it.

As for how to accomplish what you’re wanting…well I’m still not quite sure what’s going on here, but I bet what you already said can be workable:



So I just have to add a check expression for the time of week. Its a very convoluted set of requirements I have for this form and none of them were my own :slight_smile: