Editable Columns


I have used the feature data validity in my columns where in they are picking up data from another table but I also wanted to have it editable as certain data might not be available in the table from which the data has to be picked up. I am able to do this but while doing this I am not getting the table relationship as if I have two fields in table brand and product and then if I select brand as X product only which are under X show but if I make the fields as editable this relation is not working is there a way to make both work as make the field editable and also if brand X is selected from table only show products under the same brand.

If your dropdown is build from values in another table, and you want dynamic user-added values, then it has to be a Ref type column.

If you want the dropdown options filtered by some other field, this is called “dependent dropdowns”, search for that term.

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