Editable If not working properly

Hello, I am new to Appsheet so I don’t know if I will be able to explain the situation correctly, it is kind of complex… but here it goes…
Consider the table below:

Email Groups Day1 Day2 Day3 Day4
Email1 Group1 Yes No No No
Email2 Group2 No Yes No Maybe
Email2 Group2 No No Yes No
Email3 Group3 No No No Yes
Email4 Group4 Maybe Yes Yes No

Day_1 Day_2 Day_3 Day_4
Group1 Group2 Group2 Group2
Group4 Group4 Group4 Group3

I built an condition in which the user can only see the rows which his email is written (changeable only by admin)
inside Data>Sheet1 I tried to make an “editable if” in the Day1 column using CONTAINS(Sheet2[Day_1],[Groups]) formula. Theoretically, only members from Group1 and Group4 would be able change their status (“Yes”, “Maybe” respectively) in Day1.
Then I tried to perform IN([Groups],Sheet2[Day_1])… apply… and… DOES NOT WORK AGAIN!!!
However, when I run the test for all cases, the results are correct… It shows that only members from Group1 and Group4 can change their values in Day1.
I even tried to apply the same thought on Day2, Day3 and Day4… NOTHING…

Please, give me light on this subject… I am stuck for more than 2 weeks on this… If you need more details, just tell me. TY

How? Please post a screenshot showing the configuration used to accomplish this.

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No need screenshot for this… you just use CONTAINS([Email],USEREMAIL()) on the security filter… voilá