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I was able to change the Editable option of an input filed and prevent it from allowing users to add values

In my form, I have two option buttons (Add and Remove),

I used the following formula


This means if the current stock items are equal to "0 "I can’t remove anything

but when I chose the “Add button” to allow the user to add items, the input filed is still un-editable and I can’t add any new values.
Please Help is needed…

Hi @Nasser_Tabook! I know you are new to AppSheet so I thought I’d first mention…For questions like this (and the other post), you would want to open them under the “Questions” category. It helps to keep the Community information properly “filed” AND you will get more people seeing your posts there which means more potential for question to be answered quickly.

Now to your question…

Forms don’t currently allow buttons. Maybe you mean a Detail View?

Where has this formula been placed?

It seems you are controlling whether a user can add/remove via buttons. Your expression should probably be placed in the Behavior area of the buttons themselves - not in the data column.

Placing the expression in the buttons would show/hide the button as needed. This would also mean you probably want to control opening the Form by only the Add button click and not allow the normal Edit button from the row or from the Detail View. I.E. users can only get to the Form to add items if the Add button is available and clicked.

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Thank you for replying and for the advice regarding posting the question…yes you are right am new to AppSheet, and still finding my way through it…
It is a great application to use and to learn…