Editing a column in multiple rows from a selection of rows


My app uses a table containing “units” which each can have a status. Which status a unit can have depends on where the unit is in its “life cycle” (I use the valid_if constraint to check if a unit can have a certain status). Now, it would be very beneficial to be able to change many units’ “status” at once, since there will be many units in the app (and a lot of manual work to change each unit’s status separately).

The case is:
I need to be able to select a status (from my list of possible statuses) and then afterwards scan the units which I want to give this status. This should also check with the valid_if constraints to make sure that I can’t give a unit an illegal status this way.

I know Appsheet has a built in function to change columns in a row, which can then be combined with an action that runs an action on multiple rows, but the issue is here, that I need to be able to select multiple rows at once (by scanning the key of each row, so based on user input) so it won’t work by providing a formula for the rows to be selected, and when selecting a status I need a list of statuses, but as far as I know, when you set a column to a value through the Appsheet action, you cannot provide the user with a list, it only takes constant values.

So, my question is if anyone knows of a way I can achieve the desired result as described in the case, because as far as I know, it isn’t possible to select multiple rows through scanning, nor is it possible to set the value of a column on multiple rows the way I want to.

Thank you in advance!