Editing a Deep Link for an XY Map view

Evening all…

Please could someone advise if it is possible to choose not to show the ‘detail’ section of the XY Map view which is visible when you land on a view having arrived using a “go to another view within this app” Deep Link action?

I’d like to land here and only see the red pin and the map if that’s possible.

I’m using a copy of the system generated navigation target for action View Map (position):

CONCATENATE("#view=survey&page=map&table=survey&mapcolumn=position&row=", ENCODEURL([_THISROW]))

If it helps, here’s what the generated URL looks like:

I’ve taken a look at “Manually Constructing Deep Links” in the Deep Link doc below but didn’t find my answer there?

Thanks in advance… :slight_smile:

Hey @Jake_Naude.

That inline view you’ve circled and X’ed out can’t be removed. :frowning: It will appear whenever someone taps on a pin inside that map.
The only thing you can do is create your own inline view to be shown there, controlling what’s shown, what happens when you tap on it, etc.

General Notes

Unfortunately working with maps (and XY inline displays - which run on the same tech as the maps) is a little difficult at times.

For instance:

  • The map will have it’s own inline view AND it’s own detail view that it will want to display.
    • The only way to make things work is to create your OWN inline view and detail view - specifically for these maps.
  • One thing I do is create the inline view, but use the event action and use a deep-link to take me to the regular detail view that already exists.
  • Sometimes it’s helpful to create a slice to use whenever you want to show a map or XY inline
    • this way you can create a specific map view for your inline view, but that map won’t be used as the default view for the root table.
    • This also gives you the ability to have complete control over the inline and detail views that are shown for the map.

But in AppSheet there’s

Instead of using a deeplink taking you to a row (which is what that constructed deep link is doing), instead use a LinkToFilteredView() - this will take you to your view, only showing you the records you indicate.


After someone taps on a pin they’re gonna see that inline view you’ve X’ed out… so…


Hi @MultiTech_Visions,

Thanks for the very detailed explanation… I’m taking the LinkToFilteredView() route!

With MultiTech Visions there’s always another way… Cheers… :+1:


Thanks @MultiTech_Visions and you are right. Actually it’s not easy dealing with the map / xy views…

Here is some additional input:


Hi @Fabian,

Thanks for both of those tips. I’ll defiantly give them a spin and report back… Cheers… :slight_smile:

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