Editing Rows with a Column having a reference field

Hi guys…

I created a small demo app which has data on 3 google sheets. The first has member details along with a member manager email address. The second has requests along with the members details and the member’s manager email address and a column for a status update, which is initially blank. An the 3rd is just a list for some references.

So the data viewed on the app is user specific and home tab shows his /her details. The second is the request form which is auto filled/populated with the members details and field for his/her request. Once updated the form is emailed to the manager and the manager logs into the app and is able to access a 3rd tab (table view) wherein he/she sets the status for the request.

The problem I seem to be having is a work-a-round the “Column Name ‘Email Address’ in Schema ‘Requests_Schema’ cannot use an EditableIf constraint if it has an App Formula. The EditableIf constraint will be ignored.” I tried setting an EditableIf constraint for the update behavior to this field to “(USEREMAIL() = [Email Address])” as this has a reference to the 1st sheet for the members details. So when I save it now over writes the existing record with the managers details and this is wherein the problem lies. Any and all assistance would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Kumarin_Rajoo

When the record was updated, the App formula ran and felt that the value was updated.
How do you currently set the App formula for the ‘Email Address’ field?


Thanks for the response. Presently its set as a ref to the 1st sheet (USEREMAIL()).



Sorry, I can’t seem to give you any advice because I can’t think of a use case.
What functionality do you want to achieve?
Maybe a screenshot would help me imagine it better.