Editing Slices through form. How?

Hi all,

Sorry to ask something trivial, but anything from documentation helps me to solve. Unfortunally, there are too few explanations about Slice actions here: Slice Actions | AppSheet Help Center

I want just to create a view able to edit a slice of a table as from a “detail view”. Its going difficult because:

  1. Creating a new action, on “Do this” bar, there is no option to act especifically on a table slice.
    The option “Data: set the values of some columns in this row” do not apllies, because i need the user edits that values through a form view showing only the sliced columns.
    The option “Open a form to edit this row” do not apllies too, because this way all columns apeear in form.

So i try using the option “Go to another view within this app”, and linking this view to a form based on my slice. Problem is:

2 .App editor don’t create automatically a edit system action for slices.

  1. When I criate a Form View from the slice, it works only adding a new line on data. Not editing, how I need.

  2. In the slice settings, i add Edit on Slice Actions bar. Not result. Form keep work adding new rows instead edit the current row.

  3. Desabling Adds on update mode bar, AppSheet refuse to show the Form View. A error message appears saying something like: “Your slice is unable to add new entries” (but Lord, i dont wanna add new rows. I wanna edit them :joy:)

I dont understand. It would be easy but is not being. Is the problem the free account, any Appsheet error or mine :joy:? There are a sample app that could help me?

Thank you so much!

What does this mean?

Sorry for my poor english…

Supose a table whose columns are: Name, Age, Birthday Date and phone number.
I want allow user to edit this table on a specific row, but only Birthday Date and phone number data.
So, Name and Age columns can’t be showed on form, right? I think is for that AppEditor provides the Slice tool.

Exactly this I want to do but don’t find any reference about this possibility. Can you help me?

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I said about “Detail view” because I pretend the button that would change the values (opening the form view) could be on a Detail View. But it’s not important for my ask.

There are several ways to accomplish what you want:

  1. Configure the table’s form view to only display the desired columns. In UX >> Views, find the system-generated form view for the table. Use the Column order setting to identify the columns to make available for editing.


  2. Configure the columns to prevent editing. In Data >> Columns, configure the Editable? setting for the rows the user should not edit with an expression that evaluates to FALSE.


  3. Use a slice for editing rows of the original table. In Data >> Slices, create a slice on the existing table that includes only the desired columns. In UX >> Views, create a form view for the slice. In Behavior >> Actions, create a new action for the table (not the slice) that navigates to the form view for the slice. Present the action as a button that the user must tap to edit the columns using the slice.

Hi Steve, thanks for answer

First way (not creating a slice) would be great to me. I did’nt think this way (more truly simple).
But the problem persists on my particular case.

What do I do to Form view UNDERSTAND that it have to edit data row, and NOT ADD a new row?

I did it.
Problem is: When user tap this button, open the form, entry with data and confirm, the form do not edit the data of current row. It adds a new row with values. Note: I am keeping the original edit form view and creating a new form view whose shows only part of table. Like the scheme below:

Table columns: A, B ,C,D ,E ,F

Form view 1 - (automatically created by APP editor) - Shows only A, B, C D and edit them
Form view 2 - (created by mine being or not based on slice table) - Shows only E, F and edit them

So, all table data must be editable (reason for I eliminate the second way).

On way or other (first or third) could solve this question. But both cases, how do I create a SECOND form view and make this new view EDIT data instead of ADD a new row of data? Is it possible on AppSheet?

Setting toll UX>>For View that i create>>Behavior>>Event Actions to “Edit” has no effect.

Form View keep adding a new row instead edit the current.

The action should be of type, App: go to another view within this app, with a Target expression that uses LINKTOROW() to target the form view of the slice.

See also:

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Great! It works now!

Doing a review for other members get the steps.

If you want a kind of duplicated and separated form view of a table, whith one them edit columns named A,B,C (for example) and other edit columns named D, E and F (for example):

1 - Make a slice of table based on D, E and F columns;
2 - Make a formView referenced by this slice;
3 - Make a Action with command App: go to another view within this app ;
4 - Link a view using a expression LINKTOROW([_THISROW],“NAME OF SLICE VIEW”);
5 - Hide columns D, E, F columns from primary Table_Form if you want

Finish! Edit button will edit A, B, C columns and action button will edit D, E and F columns only.

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