Editor Dark Mode

Like there is a dark mode for the community… could there be a dark mode for the editor?

Staring at that bright screen all the time… :eyes:

Thanks for considering!

Did you try this out?


I have, I would prefer to have a baked-in solution.

But thanks though! (^_^)

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The whole internet needs a dark mode and appsheet is no exception! I always make my development copies of apps a dark theme just for myself and turn them light when I publish for my users.


“Why is everything all black?”

A literal quote from a client of mine when showing them the app I was building for them. :laughing:

I’m like, “Oh, you don’t like dark mode? Okay, I’ll turn on the light.”


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I was today years old when I learned that this. And it is <multiple explictives> gorgeous. I would like to specifically request that this exact theme be ported.