Editor Delete Actions No Longer Require Confirmation

Just a heads up more so than a question.

When deleting columns, actions, etc. it appears that the ‘Delete’ button no longer changes to a ‘Are you sure’ button to confirm that action.

Rather it pops up a notification at the bottom of the screen with the ability to ‘Undo’.


Yes :slight_smile: , this is part of the UX editor updates that were called out in the release notes here.

Would love to hear feedback!

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I think this seems to be modern approach for deletes. Rather than consuming user’s time upfront in asking for confirmation, better to allow the delete operation and then give option to revert just in case.

If one checks in GMAIL , Google sheet or even Microsoft Excel , the confirmation for delete is not asked , rather the undo option is displayed even in GMAIL. Excel and G Sheets even do not display undo message , even though undo option is available.

In keeping with times, I as an app user and creator, am fine with this change. Just that we need to let the app users know of this change as app creators.

Even though for table deletes, is the confirmation message before deletes? If so, then it is fine. Request @macastan to update on the following. Anything delete that cannot be “undone” may have a prior message.

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@Suvrutt_Gurjar thank you for the feedback! Good to hear it’s a step in the right direction :slight_smile:

Yes you are correct, if a delete action cannot be undone we ask the Editor for a confirmation by showing a dialog. The following screenshot shows the confirmation dialog we prompt Creators after they clicked the “delete” button in a Table.


That is perfect, thank you @macastan