Editor error checking not working consistently

Is anyone else very recently seeing issues where the editor is not catching fatal errors until you refresh the browser? Syncing the App returns an error that it is not runnable, but my editor window shows no critical issues. Then I refresh the editor’s browser window and boom! it finds the error. I could be mistaken but maybe just started yesterday after the maintenance?

I’m sure there will be no shortage of issues that get blamed on the maintenance and Google migration so I hope I’m not drawing a false conclusion :smirk:

PS: It looks like the opposite is also true - the error indicator does not clear after you fix the offending code and it too requires a refresh.


Yep, I reported this error internally myself. The developers are aware of it.


I’m having this too. Though thanks for letting us know a browser refresh causes the error message to show. Not ideal but better than no error…

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Hi everyone. We’ve got a fix for this that should go out within the next few hours. In the mean time, you can work around the issue by refreshing the page. I’m sorry for the confusion.