Editor gets funky with big apps?

As you can see in the following, I had great trouble navigating in the editor. I was using Chrome on a Mac. The GIF is small but I hope you can see that the interface kept going beyond where I wanted to go. I tried to drag it but the same overshoot problem occurred and I couldn’t find a way to stop it. Ultimately, I had to type in the name of the column I wanted in order to edit it – not the best option.


P.S. Safari is better in regard to this issue on my machine but, of course, given that AppSheet is part of Google now, Chrome should be better.


Yup seen this with my biggest Apps as well.

Whats worse is if you have to reorganise columns in a slice. After moving one the App can seemingly lock up for 10-20secs!

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Please notify support@appsheet.com of this behavior.

yep, seeing that the past few days as well. It’s a pain to scroll down in a table with a LOT of columns.

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Currently communicating with @macastan from AppSheet. Another editor interface issue I had reported has already been addressed. :slight_smile:


Correct @Kirk_Masden , as you mentioned in the other post this is part of the same bug.

Appreciate your patience and thank you for reporting this :slight_smile:


@Kirk_Masden the fix has been deployed :slight_smile:


Great thanks!!!