Editor goes blank

Sometimes the app editor goes blank in the browser.
I’m using chrome.
It only seems to happen on one app which has a lot of tables and slices and a lot of data in the tables.
The problem is when I’m editing and it goes blank before I save, which thankfully hasn’t happened much.
Does anyone know why this happens?

I think I know what you are talking about. I use a Mac and sometimes I edit with my Chrome browser but I often use Safari. On my Safari browser I have occasionally noticed that the image of the app on the right side of the editor doesn’t display properly until I refresh the browser. Come to think of it, though, this hasn’t happened recently. Are you still experiencing the problem?

It’s not the app on the right that goes blank it’s the whole editor.
Which means sometimes I make changes and then lose them.

I’m now trying to regenerate a table structure and it keeps going blank

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Simon, thanks for the report. Do you remember what you were changing right before the editor went blank? This is often a symptom of a bug or a very slow loading. I’ve searched for this app and noticed that we have 3 exceptions of “Timed out waiting for a resource. The reason is usually a very large/slow loading table or a cross-table cycle in AppSheet formulas.”. Can you think of something that would cause this?

@nico This time I was regenerating a table. That table isn’t very large, but there are a few other tables that are very large. Lots of columns as well as rows.
It was happening more at the end of last year and I have moved some data out of some of those large tables, so that would make sense for a reason.
Hopefully there is something that can be done to stop it disappearing when it realises it’s going to happen and show a warning to save.
Or maybe this doesn’t happen very often anyway.

Ok, what’s likely happening is there a timeout when it re-constructs these large tables that causes an exception leading the editor to go blank. I’ll add this to my work queue and update you when I have a fix.

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