[Editor Improvement] Complex Template Debugging

Hello AppSheet Team, @TDhers

I usually work with complex templates [Excel mostly, multiples sheet, hundreds <<[formlua]>>]

Even with my experience, i can’t avoid making formula mistakes, so usually, i need to fix/debug the template to make is works.

So i use the TEST function in workflow module and end up to have this :

But the Log is way too much delayed to have near real-time feedback of the errors to make the debug fast. [mostly hours, even day, i never figured out why is there so much variation about this delay ]

So can we have an option to send back errors to an email directly instead of waiting?
[any kind of errors audit log details, sync, edit, workflow rules would be nice tho ]

You can check your formulas in your template if you use Save & Verify Data instead of just Save.


Thanks, effective solution.

My ask is still relevant to have realtime errors log audit and being alerts when the app is not working .

There is an option called “Enable Audit History alerts”. You can find it from Manage > Monitor > Audit History. Though it needs Business subscription plan.

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