Editor improvements to Automation

Wanted to share a quick update. We have been working on a series of editor improvements for Automation which will:

  • Enhance the authoring experience
  • Introduce new constructs (eg: data action steps, loops, wait with timeouts) &
  • Make it easy to build bots with local and reusable components.

We are incorporating feedback from the community and believe that these changes will address some of the core issues you folks are currently facing. We plan to roll these new enhancements in the following weeks and will announce them as we get closer. Please continue to provide candid feedback as always. We are committed to make the product better and more usable.


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:raised_hands: this made my day!

I believe it is better we calm down until we see how Loops uner Automation would work.
Even now, we are able to loop with Action only, using tricks from Steve here and here.
We should carefully observer what the difference between loops by actions and automation, which give us the different (or same?) user experiences.


Any updates on this?