[Editor Interface Improvement] Slice Managing

Hello Appsheet Team,

It’s been while I wanted to up this problem.

Let me explain,

First one :

When you create a new slice with custom columns, it automatically adds ALL the columns of the table !!!

So I always spend my time suppressing all the unnecessary columns, for the one who works with a table that has more than a hundred columns its can be counted of hours “wasted”.

For the analogy, a slice in this way is constructed by subtraction instead of addition.

Hours saved if you just let the editor adding only the needed columns.

The second one is related :

When you add a new column in a table, all the slice made of it got automatically updated with the new column.

Again, for the editor who work with more than 20-40 slices its hours wasted to manually go into every slices and subtract the undesired new column(s).

Hope this improvement can be quickly added, i think many would be grateful.

At least 15% of my time for creating a complex AppSheet App is for solving these issues.

Maybe is an option available to ovoid this editor behavior but i never find it.


Thanks for yours post.
I m with you, but it should be a case by case, people may find current behavior is useful, to add new columns to slice etc.

To meet the different requirement, I thought the best solution would be each user can set its own preference. For instance, to place new setting in OPTION tab for UI, “Add new rows to slice automatically” - turn on or off, something like that.

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Yeah, trully on the same page, thats what i wanted to say on a possible option available.

What we need is an option that’s satisfy all users cases.

Wait and see.

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Yes, let s see this would be taken by Appsheet team with a hope.
Keep fingers crossed.

Hi @Jeremie
Originally we had to add all the columns one by one which was also a pain so all the columns were then added. Maybe we need a choice to do it either way.

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Yeah, you right.
We truly need both behaviors on an editor option.

But to counter the first version when we had to add all columns, an easy fix was to create a full column slice end duplicate it, to optimize the time.

But what really “bothers” me is when i add a new column in a table and have to manually fix all my slices.

I’m sure AppSheet, will come with a solution.

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@TDhers Any thoughts about this ? [should be a simple roll to implement]