Editor not loading?

I am getting a blank white screen when trying to open either of my prototype apps. Is it me or is there a system issue? I get no errors, just nothing but white screen and the blue “need a hand” bubble.

I have tried logging in “In Cognito” mode and have tried Chrome and Edge browsers.


The same here

Same here

Same, apps still sync it seems.

Same here

Here too!

Yep, I am having the same issue.

loaded finally

Working again.

Same here

Sam here

@Diego_Avila_CMP @Fernando_Pititto

Can you clarify what you mean by “Same here”?

Same as in “this is now working again” or as in “you’re having this issue”?

Thank you

Hi @Arthur_Rallu some of our users were experiencing this issue today too. It was a blank white screen if you clicked on an app to edit it , meanwhile if you were already editing an app any changes were lost. It is working now .

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