Editor save button greyed out, editor doesn't recognize changes to app definition

After making changes in the editor, the save button is greyed out as if the changes are not being recognized. I have to reload/refresh the page and all changes are lost.

This has happened on three separate machine, two different users at various times. It has seemed to be sporadic until now. This particular app that I am working on now, the editor seems to miss edits/the button is greyed out, two out of three times.

While it seems that the editor doesn’t recognize the change, the changes are seen: If I make a change and reload the page, I see a message warning that changes will be lost. When no changes have been made, this warning message is not displayed.

I’ve experienced this multiple times in the past. Not really sure why, but it has always disappeared after a few minutes. I did actually just experience it yesterday as well though.


I encountered this problem too, I think the reason for this is related to the internet connection.
I think somehow the connection between the Editor and the server was lost while we were working. For testing, open the editor, make changes, and disconnect from the internet.

Compare the results with your experience.


I thought I had tried clearing the browser cache previously with no change however, I cleared the browser cache after my initial post and the problem seems to have subsided.