Editor Save Button


Quick question, when this change will be rolled out to the platform? I refreshed editor but still not being rolled out.
Anyway, this is great change to make process far more easier and productive.



Looking forward to the ability to “Undo”.


@JCadence Please also provide shortcut for “Save and verify” like: Ctrl + Shift + S

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Yes, it absolutely makes sense.
Good point.

Hi @Fabian! Can you post this ask in Feature Request?

Hi @tsuji_koichi! You’ll see these features in the coming days. Keep an eye out!

They’re here!!!

Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 23.00.06



Will try this new UIs tomorrow!
Awesome. I only wish to bring back indication for sync time which can t be lost.

Hi @tsuji_koichi! You haven’t lost the ability to view sync time as there are two places you can view sync information in your editor- the Performance Profile and the Audit History Log.

Hope that helps!


Thank you, Jennifer.
Yes, sorry for my short words. Seeing sync time in emulator was great feature for app creator to gauge the performance of app under construction to take actions to improve the performance of app, so we believe the last version of emulator where we could instantly access this result was useful. That s my point, and I believe other app creator believe so as well. Cheers.