Edits not "taking"

I’m having trouble with edits inexplicably not “taking.” What I mean is that changes I have made to the settings seem to be reflected in the editor and, initially at least, in the app, but after I save the changes they are no longer reflected in the app, though they are reflected in the actual settings I adjusted in the editor.

I wrote about this in a comment here:

After this, I noticed that I couldn’t make a new view show up as a menu view. Again, the change would be reflected in the app initially but not appear inn the app after the save, even though the app setting seems to have been correctly saved.

Anyone else having similar issues?

Now I’m having trouble logging in to my app (which is quite large) in the editor from Japan. Perhaps there’s a connection between the two issues. By the way, I can log into smaller apps without much trouble.

After logging out and logging back in again, everything is finally working again. After logging in again, I saw that the edits were not there after all, although the process of saving them appeared to have been working as normal.

So my issue seems to have been resolved but I’m wondering what might have happened. The weird thing was that I saved the changes and the changes appeared in editor afterward but then were gone after I logged out and then logged back in again.

This is silly point for you as experienced app creator, but you may set a certain version of app for use rather than latest?
Once you made a change through the app editor, change is surely refrected and generate new version of app, but from app user prospective, the old verson of the app is in use rather than latest?

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Thanks for the response. I’m the only one using this app right now. I’m quite sure that I saved my changes. I even tried “Save and verify.” I’m still not sure what happened. :frowning: But, the app is working now. :slight_smile:

It is possible there might be a connection with issue of this to certain extent. I see app editor recently worked oddly and strangely as well.