Education license

I applied for an education license on November 27.
I have no news, where can I find out if my request is accepted?
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Hi David, let me assign this request to our people. Thanks for this update.

Hi Aleksi,
Thank you.

Hello David, The replies on education licenses sometimes end end up in Spam folders. Try searching your Spam folder for “AppSheet discount code”. Please let me know if you aren’t able to find it.


Im sorry, i don’t find it. My academic webmail have a hard spam filter.

Can you send me again? With copy to IS possible ?

Thanks you

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Lycée Bourdelle

Montauban 82 - France

Could someone direct me to a page that explains the educational license? I’m not really sure what it is.

How about this…

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Thank you very much! I should have understood this without help but your link helped me see the light!


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