ello Guys, I would like to have condition fo...

(dev bc) #1

ello Guys,

I would like to have condition for the LatLong type. If the LocationFrom is blank i would like to assign any coordinate, else it will assign the coordinate from the table.

=IF( ISBLANK( [LocationFrom] ), HERE(), [LocationFrom].[Location] )

Above is the formula i try to apply in App formula. The problem is

  1. LocationFrom is blank, the Location would become lock, not able to change coordinate. Even on the Editable_If the formula is ISBLANK( [LocationFrom] ).

  2. LocationFrom not blank, the Location data couldn’t be assign and it fix at the previous data.

How to solve this condition?

(dev bc) #2

Ok, I think i have solved the problem.

Remove the formula from App Formula and trigger the [LocationFrom].[Location] from workflow.