ello Guys, I've an Actions call A1(table=t1)...

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ello Guys,

I’ve an Actions call A1(table=t1) and the type of action to perform is “Grouped” with many actions from few difference tables(tables=t2,t3,t4,…) and change/update the data.

I try using 2 method to trigger the A1 action. 1) Use the form “Event Actions” 2) Use the Workflow “Update event” = UPDATES_ONLY and “Condition” = true

method 1) it work well because it will complete all the actions in sequenly listed in “Grouped”. method 2) It will only trigger A1 table t1 actions only. So, those data tables and Format-Rules from other tables are not update.

May i know how to solve the method 2 problem?

Thank you.

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@dev_bc Can you create a simple, isolated example app that demonstrates the problem?

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@tony Thanks for your reply. Ya, this few days what ever i try. I still fail to make it work. It only work smoothly if the action group trigger from Form “Event Action”. And one thing i found is when it trigger by form, the app “Sync” would show the total number of task to be sync. Whereas workflow only show 1 task.

Ya, as your advise. I did create a simple to demonstrates the problem. Both method (Form Event Actions & Workflow) doesn’t work very smooth. When the Actions had been trigger, sometime the action tasks is trigger but sometime no. Not so consistence. Seems like have bug.

I wonder how to share the simple app to you. Please try bellow link… appsheet.com - Looking for a specific app? - AppSheet

In order to trigger the workflow. Click the “Reference Action” view and the House* data have to be from 1 to 2.

Parent table “no” will increase by 1 Children table “Number” will increase by 1 Related Familys table “Flat” will increase by 1 (Flat will change to Red if over 5)

Thanks again…

Looking for a specific app? - AppSheet appsheet.com