Email Action not populating Subject line in mobile Gmail

EDIT: I am using (having troubles with) myapp via the AppSheet Android App. If I access myapp via a mobile browser the email Subject line properly populates.

I modified the System Generated “Email Action” to include a custom Subject line.

It works fine from the PC with desktop Gmail client, but not my Android device with mobile Gmail.

Is this a bug, an error on my part or is custom subject not supported with mobile Gmail?


Are you able to take a printscreen from that situation so I could be 100% sure we are on the same page :slight_smile:

Thank you for looking at this.

The screenshot with the “File No”= “OSE0001” is using Gmail on my PC, note the “powered by

My Android Gmail has neither the FileNo. nor “” the branding tag at the bottom.



@Phil Any thoughts?