Email action to email BCC

Hi All,

So I don’t have a clue how to setup an email using BCC Action in my app (and nor can I find examples or documentation).

Does anyone know of a sample app that would show me how to do this?

Or can someone assist me in what I need to do in order to do the following:

  • I have a list of apartment residents with a type of “owner”, “Renter” or “Investor”
  • I need to have the user select for example, all “owner” and “Renter” residents
  • They then need to click a button to email the residents
  • Ideally this would load up the external email program with all the email addresses in the BCC field which are owners and renters

Right now, I can’t even find out how to email a single person via BCC let alone a list.

Thanks again in advance

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Isn’t a workflow different to an action? In that it only activates when a criteria is met, whereas I need the user to make a selection then click a button to generate an email.

Hi @Gman
Check out this doc. There is also sample app mentioned re click to send email

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