Email Action to Send to List of Emails

Good Morning guys,

I may be missing somthing :slight_smile:

Im trying to set up an action to Open email browser with a bunch of stuff prefilled.

Im working how I would get it to send to multiple emails,

See below,

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Can you share your action definition?

Only one recipient address is allowed:


This appears to be a built-in limitation of the External: start an email action type.

Seriously? :sleepy:

Anyone know a workaround for this?

I’m using the Action: External: start an email action type.

Try this.

substitute(text(split([Related Supplier Emails][Emails],",")),",",";")

If you are on outlook as default email apps, it should work, while I m not testing other email apps like Gmail.


Wowsers. This works Amazing. Everyone is on outlook so this will work amazingly.

Also just tested this on Mobile with Gmail and also works without a hitch :heart: :heart:

thanks!! :slight_smile:


Nothing is impossible with Appsheet. Just imagination.


Yeah that’s what it is :slight_smile:

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