Email and Attachment don't seem to match and missing information

I have a document template. There are 3 fields that don’t seem to populate correctly on my attachment, but populates on my email body. Not sure what I am missing here.

Here is what the email looks like:

Here is my document template:

The results look like this in PDF format:

Basically, the template checks to see if something is TRUE. For example: <<If: [Yellow Tag Match Label?]=Satisfactory>> <<[Yellow Tag Match Label?]>> <> THIS LINE PRINTS FINE

But if the “answer” (as in “IF ____ = this answer”) is more than one word, then it doesn’t seem to fire right.
<<If: [Quality–Parts free of debris, burrs, bad paint, etc?]=Satisfactory–free of debris, burrs, bad paint, etc.>> <<[Quality–Parts free of debris, burrs, bad paint, etc?]>> <> THIS LINE DOES NOT PRINT FINE IN ATTACHMENT (The circled areas.)
I have tried the phrase Satisfactory–free of debris, burrs, bad paint, etc. with and without quotes in the template; doesn’t seem to make a difference.

There is apparently something that I am missing. Just not sure what.