"Email Body" expression for emailing slice

Here is my slice (called Order Needed) that I want to automate emails for:

Now, when I create the “email body” under tasks to reference this, what should I put for my expression?
this is what I have:

<<SELECT(Order Needed[Product Name],TRUE)>>
<<[SKU]>>, <<[Manufacturer]>>, <<[Current Inventory]>>, <<[Minimum Acceptable Inventory]>>, <<[# to order]>>

These are my error messages:

It is not recognizing the columns of my slice. Any help?

I believe the issue is that process using the Task (“New process”) is not using the matching table. If you go to the “Processes” tab, you should be able to verify/modify that.

Note, processes operate on Tables, so you won’t see your slice in the dropdown. You’ll need to choose the table that “order Needed (slice)” is based on.

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Hey Jared,

If I change the Processes table from “none” to the table that my slice references, it will give an error unless I change to “ForEachRowInTable” and in that case, it sends me hundreds of emails. In our existing inventory app, we just have our vendor login weekly to it to see what to order. I think I will just do that on this as well. What I would like to still automate though is if the order needed is greater than ten to send an email to the vendor. I know I will have to sum the numbers in the “# to order” column in my slice, but if you have any advice on doing that and triggering an email when it does that would be great.

Hi @Ryan1

Your approach is correct, we would need to look into your data and template to understand the errors that are showing up.

If you could send an email to support@appsheet.com, include your userId, AppName, Bot name and allow support access to your app then we will investigate the issue.


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