Email body issue

I have an bot, which handling the email notification.

I am facing a problem here, how can I remove the “boxing” in the email body?

Below as the sample of the email body:
InkedWhatsApp Image 2021-09-01 at 14.10.01_LI

Hi @aijac1314
Are you using an email body template?

Ya, Google Doc as template.

Anywhere I can remove the outer box?

Have you tried making it white?

Dear, thanks for the advice.

Do you mean, make the box border a white color? But the problem is, I can’t find any box in the body template.

Hi, I assume you copied this template from some where into your appsheet template google doc? If that is the case then you may have copied a box that is white in color unknowingly, if you try Ctrl+A and see the box highlighted as well then you simple need to select that box and delete it (if something goes wrong there is always undo :D). If this does not work I recommend creating a new blank template through appsheet and try typing out what you need in the template instead of copying. Hope this helps