Email "@" Character Encoding

I have a value in an email field, entered as “user@email.tld”. I copy this value from any view and the pasted text is “user​@email.tld”, where the “@” has a second invisible character before it. What is causing this because I am having to edit the @ when I copy this value.

Does this affect every email address?

Did you yourself originally enter the email address you’re now copying and pasting?

Does the extra character occur in the stored email address in the spreadsheet?

Are you using the browser interface, or the app?

The affects every email saved in a form.
I entered in the email address, per character.
The extra character is not stored in the source data (Excel).
Both the browser (Firefox) and the mobile app (Android) experience the same result.

I can confirm this behavior. Lemme ask internally.

While waiting for an answer, I’ve discovered that the character is a “zero-width space”. I suspect it’s there to tell the display where to break the text if the text needs to be wrapped across multiple lines.

Thanks for the report Kyle & Steve for some digging. Steve’s explanation is correct, we use this character for text wrapping on long emails, but this messes with copy-pasting on non-Chrome browsers.

I changed it to use instead, this allow the email to still wrap correctly and should allow you to copy-paste without getting this junk character. You can expect this issue to be resolved next time we release, likely next week.