Email Content

Hi there, I have a question. I have an app where Management views activity of a Sales Rep. The Sales Rep’s email is in each row entry. Is there a way that the Manager can add content of the row to the email when emailing the rep?

If you don’t want to modify the existing record with your content, you could create a separate table where you write the content and the Workflow can send that record to your Sales Rep. One option is to create a LINKTOFORM() deep link action that will open that form view with the correct email address.

Thanks Aleski but not sure I understand. In a table there will be many entries by different sales reps. If the Manager reviews one of these entries and then wants to discuss with that particular rep the content needs to show. How do I create a workflow with a template for each entry?

First… do you want to create a new record for your email or do you just want to write a note into existing record?