Email Delivery Speed

Hi all,

I’m currently building an app that heavily relies on Emails to notify various parties that new actions are available to them. It is a linear flow of actions that must be taken in order and these actions are done by different parties.

Generally in my testing, the email triggers as soon as the app completes syncing and I would have received the email in my inbox. However, today I’ve experienced a lag/delay in the delivery of email. Some emails did not come in order or on time and were very specific in the delay. I had a few that came exactly 10/30/60mins after the workflow has triggered.

Does anyone know why this is happening and what can I do to avoid this?

Thank you.

What is going to happen if you switch the email service from one to another?

Go to your workflow setting and you can find this setting down there.


Hmmm… curious. I might reach out to about this

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Hi @YiChang , please let us know once you have raised a support request. We will be happy to look at your case and assist you.

Tagging our engineers @Sai

In general, we are migrating emails to our internal service and tweaking queue depth as we go for email deliveries. The delays are usually due to a backed up queueing system due to different reasons. This is one of the issues our engineers are actively looking at.