Email engine is not working at the moment

none our apps are not sending any email for the last 2 hours or so.
there are no error messages anywhere that i can see.
who/how should be notified?
is there a status page to look at faults and repairs progress updates?

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Oh dear. I made so many changes to the application that was working 4 hours before and had client showup and the email engine stoped working.

I came across your post. Same issue. Workflow auto email engine is not working on self or owner account email as well.

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i don’t know how to escalate this
this failure is critical
who in appsheet is looking after this?
i don’t know where there is a service status or update page
someone please advise.

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Obviously new email engine is outage, I tested with my apps, and it does not send emails.

While we wait for Appsheet team to get on this, i suggest we change the email engine setting back to old one, Mandrill.

Go to your workflow settings.

Mandrill is working fine.


cc to @Aleksi @Steve


@Eso_Surveyors and @Sudhanshu_Jain May I ask what option are you using? Is it “System default” or “System Mandrill”? Also… may I ask what is your country?

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My Report didn’t fire at 7:30am today as well. May be related

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@Dan_Oliphant What channel are you using?

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Thank you. Using Mandrill option, issue is resolved.

I welcome your response.

I am using it in Indian Time Zone GMT +5:30.

Good to hear it solved your issue. Though we are going to investigate what the original reason was.

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@Aleksi from AppSheet @SUDHANSHU_jAIN all my APPs are using System Default. I am in Sydney Australia.

@Aleksi from AppSheet please note, emails are not sent when my workflows run, but arrive 5 hours later.