Email Generated from Action


I’d like to be able to email specific rows using an action button. I’d like to use the same email “body” rules that a workflow uses but I get errors when I do. Does the “<<>>” not work when working with actions?


You can’t use workflow placeholder tags within the expressions. Why don’t you send your row data with an email workflow?

There are a few reasons that I would like to do it from the action… one being that the “External: Start Email” button allows for the email to come from the user’s email instead of appsheet’s email so that should there be any replies, those replies are easily accessible. Secondly, is the ability to change the information outside of what the automatic template provides. This is going to a vendor’s email that may not be educated in our system and our users might want to make it more easily understood based on who they are emailing. Finally, there’s something about hitting “send” from your own email that gives the email trust that it delivered (i.e. I can also access it in my “sent” folder in my own email instead of looking at Appsheet’s back-end)… In my opinion workflow’s are awesome for emails going to people familiar with the appsheet process, but not so for end users who don’t understand how the automatic emails work.