Email login detail / email address change

Here is a quick question that may have been addressed before but I cant locate a thread in community to match my question.

If a user changes their email address for a login using say google authentication ie they changed their profile (email address) or started using a different google email profile how do you grant them access so that they can still see all their records that have been entered into an app under their previous email profile. I know you can add and remove users but how does an existing user access their old records established under an ole profile when they change their details for whatever reason ?

For example a users email address may alter under domain name as well.

I hope this question make sense !

The easiest solution would be if you change the existing email address in your gSheet with the new email address. Ctrl+H would help.

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Another solution you could think of… create a user table (if you don’t already have it) where you have two columns… “original email” & “new email”. If you are now using a condition rule like [Email]=USERMAIL(), you could change it like OR([Email]=USEREMAIL(),[Email]=LOOKUP(USEREMAIL(),Users,New,Old))

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Thanks Aleksi, that sounds like a plan thank you very much again for your assistance.

You’re welcome