Email me CSV with Order details from all related tables


I am developing the app where I can create an order after that I can add work and material from another two tables. I would like to get an email with csv that contains all the data related to that order. So also all the data from related tables. Right now, what I can do is just an email with csv with data just from order. Is there a way to include related data from another tables also? In every table I have just one row connected to that specific order.

Thanks for your help guys.

You can check this article:

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Thank you, it helped but I need still a little bit of help.
I use this code in my template <<Work[Realizators]>> where work is table, realizators is a column. Now I need to specify that I want to send values just related to my order. This code right now print all values in that column, but I need value just from one row depending on reference. Could you please help me with making my code better please?

Hi @Filip_Kuna,

Did you try to use the:

  • Behavior/workflow/New Workflow Rule/Task : Send an email/untick “Use default content”,
  • then click on Attachment Template, then click on the “Create” button
    to generate a template from your related items ?

You can try a similar process through the Behavior/Reports/New Report/etc… to achieve the same purpose.

Yes that creates template with values just from order table, but not from related ones.

Can you try, from table Work:

<<Start:[Related Movies]>><<[Movies]>><<End>>

Where [Movies] is the column you can to report from your detail table.
This assumes the [Related Movies] column is a “child” from the “work” table, i.e. a list of ref with formula REF_ROWS("…")