Email notification conditional formula

I have a simple form that has a column for Email. I need to create a workflow notification that sends an email notification to the address listed in the [Email] Column of that form. That is done. I also need to have two other emails CC’d along with that address listed in the column. The conditional formula I am looking for would be:

IF the [Email] is the same email as one listed for the CC, don’t send a duplicate email.

Every time the user that gets CC’d submits a form, they would receive two emails. I don’t have to use a CC. I could create a new workflow to email them but only if their email didn’t = the column [Email] value. How would I write that conditional statement?

Assuming the Cc: recipients are hard-coded as a list, just subtract the list of To: recipients:

(LIST("a@a.a", "b@b.b") - LIST([Email]))

See also:

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The CC’s are listed in the workflow fields only, No separate list

Received ERROR

Expression ‘(LIST(“a@A”, b@B") - LIST([Email]))’ could not be parsed due to exception: Number of opened and closed parentheses does not match.

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I missed a quote for the second email address; I’ve corrected the example.

Note that a@a.a and b@b.b are merely examples–replace them with whatever email addresses you’re using as Cc targets.

Yup- just protecting the email addresses. thanks for the update and quick response

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